Kevin Wright

Art / Animation / Project Management

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"My industry adventures began more than a decade & a half ago. Since then I have come to value relationships as my most notable accomplishment. Any of my success is but a reflection of their respect, trust and diligence (in me); and they continue to inspire me."
"I work on artistic and technical aspects and enjoy both equally. You can always find me tinkering with the latest and greatest, seeing how and where this and that fit. As tech is a big part of my work for our Studio, I am constantly looking for ways to keep relevant in regards to how we provide solutions. My love of tech is likely the result of the variety of projects I have had the opportunity to be a part of, in areas of product design, interactive training, military & simulation, architecture, and gaming."
"I've been drawing and sculpting pretty much most of my waking moments since as early as I can remember. When I began my career, I was doing independent comic work around the Michigan area where I grew up. Later, I moved into the educational software industry, which eventually led me to video games for the better part of the last 2 decades. I continue to hone my artistic skills in as many areas as possible."